HostGator India Vs HostGator USA – Which is Best

Hostgator is one of the leading hosting provide company in the world. It has many branches in different countries and keep different servers & charges for different location server. As Hostgator is well known for its smooth running capabilities and better flexibility, so i would recommend you to go with hostgator while choosing or comparing other hosting provider companies. Both hostgator India and Hostgator USA has impressionable features and services which makes it apart from other hosting provider companies.

Now a days, Shared hosting and cloud hosting are being offered almost at the same price if purchased for more than one year. As shared hosting uses its 25% CPU while Cloud Hosting Uses its CPU up to 100% if required. So for better speed and more users you should go with cloud server. Here we are going to discuss about vs which is best. I have provided below some of the useful information based on my experience.

When to Choose Hostgator USA :-


If Your website is based for global purpose and having content related to different countries. And you want to be shown there at high rate then you should go with Hostgator USA.

How Hostgator USA is different from Hostgator India :

The Server of Hostgator USA Hosting lies in USA and have better system for handling the input and output packet information as compared to Indian server. Response time is much less so user can access your website easily.

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Services Provided by Hostgator USA :-

Services Provided by Hostgator USA is Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Domains, Email and Add-on Security to its users.

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Web Hosting Plans :-

Cloud Hosting Plans :-

Payment Method Availbility in USA :-

Credit Card, Paypal, Payoneer

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When to Choose Hostgator India :-

Hostgator also promises 99.9% uptime facility. If your website is based on Indian content or in hindi languages and you want your website to be shown mainly in India then you should go with Hostgator India.

Reason to choose Hostgator India if your site is Indian Based :-

Response time will be much less than Hostgator USA, because if any user will connect your site he/she will be receiving information form hostgator USA which may be lengthy process and difference of server area is very large so it may take some more second than Indian servers. So, Better option is to go with Hostgator India which will reduce responce time.

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Services Provided by Hostgator India :-

Services Provided by Hostgator India is Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Domains, Email and Add-on Security to its users.

Shared Hosting Plans


Cloud Hosting –

Payment Method Availbility in India :-

Debit Card (Visa , Master Card, Rupay), Credit Card, Net Banking.

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