Cloud Computing : The leading trend and the buzz in IT world .

Cloud Computing- The leading trend and the Buzz in the IT world. A new business model.

We were often heard ‘moving to cloud’ which means organisation is moving away from traditional i.e. buying hardware to a cloud infrastructure and paying for it based on usage. Cloud computing is an expansion and extension of already existing disruptive technology taking revolutionary shift from traditional computing delivered as service. Cloud computing takes up the technology, application, services and turns into self-service utility. It uses two concepts-

(a)Abstraction-It abstracts the details of system implementation from users. Data are stored on multiple 3rd party servers at unknown location.

(b)Virtualisation-It virtualises system by pooling i.e. storing and distributing resources. It involves mapping of physical resources to logical units.

Characteristics :

On-Demand Self Services means provision of computing capabilities as needed automatically without requiring  human interaction with service’s provide.

Broad Network Access means capabilities are available over network and accessed through mechanism promoting heterogeneous client platforms. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach is adopted to provide an interoperable interface for all devices.

Resource Pooling provides computing resources that are pooled to serve multiple consumers. Nebula virtual machine offer remote and distributed capabilities without disclosing physical location. Nebula node can also be created supporting parallel processing.

Rapid Elasticity means ability of provisioning capabilities to scale out quickly and rapidly releasing them to scale in. To compose with other VMs, Nebula VMs needs to be SOA-enabled.

Measured Service means implementation of algorithm for controlling and optimising resource for a service. A embedded service inside Nebula Node needs to be developed for monitoring physical and logical resource

Service Models:

  • IaaS or Infrastructure as a service– It provides network infrastructure components. User install operating system images patches and maintain the application software.
  • SaaS or software as a service – It consist of fully-formed software application. User can use the application through subscription. Ex- Salesforce, Office 365.
  • PaaS or Platform as a service- It provide platform on which developers can build their own solutions. It encapsulates operating system like storage and compute. Ex-Azure offers PaaS for creating web and mobile application.

 A Plumbing i.e. layering foundation is done in Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for application running on cloud. These IaaS service used by PaaS to develop SaaS instance.

Deloyments Models:

Public Cloud- It is open for public use and it’s free. It is hosted in external data centers.

Private Cloud- It is operated by single organisation.

 Hybrid Cloud-Private and Public cloud combines to form Hybrid cloud.



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